Working with the MageTab export I have noticed that it would be great to 
have additional properties for experiments that could hold MGED Ontology 
annotations, e.g. Experiment Design, Replicate Type, Quality Control 
Type. Up to now we've been using the Experiment Design and Experiment 
Type fields of experiments to hold this information, but it is a bit 
counterintuitive and does not restrict to available MO terms.

In order to attach a fixed vocabulary term to an experiment it is 
probably easiest to make experiments annotatable and create one 
annotation type with selection of terms for every property. Further, the 
MO annotation types could be present in BASE by default (like the 
default protocol types), together with selections of MO terms. What do 
you think?

Best wishes,

The new MageTab plugin is already working in our BASE installation, and 
we are currently testing it with on a few experiments. I am planning to 
add support for pooling, and then it should be ready to release.

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