On 2012-08-20 17:09, Paulo Nuin wrote:
> Hi
> I have a quick question on configuring BASE's HTML page title. In the
> server we have installed now it appears
> BASE 3.1.1 @ unknown
> I found the jsp pages in the www directory but it is not clear to me
> where this title is coming from. I was able to add a value to the
> title variable in the jsp, but the unknown still appears.

The title is generated from the current BASE version and the name of the 
computer it is installed on. I have never seen the string 'unknown' 
there. Usually, if the computer doesn't have a name the title will be 
something like: 'BASE x.y.z @' or 'BASE x.y.z @ localhost'

Maybe it is an indication that there is no network connection...

Or maybe the computer's name is 'unknown'?


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