The procedure to upgrade from 1.2 to latest BASE is uncharted territory 
for us. We switched from 1.2 when BASE 2.6 was current. One path forward 
may be as outlined below. Each BASE 2 and newer distribution contains 
upgrade instructions. Please read them.

Please report if you succeed and use the mailing list for further 
assistance so we can share this experience with the community.

Good Luck,


0) Backup your precious data.

1) Upgrade to latest 1.2.x version, i.e., version 1.2.17b available from 

There are some notes regarding upgrading I found in the waybackmachine, 

Update from 1.2.17: Fixed compilation errors with gcc 4.0.
BASE 1.2.17: This release of BASE contains a number of minor fixes and 
some somewhat bigger changes. If you are upgrading from an older 
version, there are few things you need to do in addition to running the 
database migration script:
- If you are using PHP 4.4.x, you have to make some changes to the files 
in include/local (reporter_columns.inc.php and raw_columns.inc.php) to 
get rid of warnings about assign-by-reference. If you haven't modified 
these files, simply remove them from where you have installed BASE 
before doing the 'make install', and they will be replaced by the newest 
version. If you have modified them, you should instead replace all 
occurences of "=&" with a plain "=".
- The disk quota system has been extended to cover not only uploads but 
also experiments, raw data and other big things. For this to work the 
disk usage of existing users must be calculated and stored. Do this by 
running bin/refreshQuotaUsage.php before starting BASE after you've run 
dbmigrate_1.2_to_latest.php. There's more info in the new admin guide 
(in documentation/ and on the web site).
- When exporting data for plugins, files in the 'normal' BASEfile format 
are now created from the serial format by an external program to reduce 
the time it takes. The program requires a valid BASEfile, with a header 
called 'section', and this could cause problems with some plugins whose 
definitions do not have a hidden parameter called 'section'. Such 
plugins need to be corrected.
- It has been made easier to add new patterns for merging four 96-well 
plates into a 384-well plate. Changes to the PHP code are no longer 
necessary for this. The description of how to do it can be found in a 
couple of comments in plates.inc.php.

* PHP 5.0 has not yet been fully tested with BASE although it might 
actually work.

2) Following the advice in 
Upgrade then to BASE version 2.15.0 available for download from 

Read the migration program instructions carefully we haven't done that 
for several years ourselves. The migration may take long time.

3) Upgrade to latest BASE 2 version, 2.17.2 available from 

4) Finally, upgrade to latest BASE 3 version 3.2.2 available at 

On 2013-05-07 09:42, Franck Samson wrote:
> Hello Sir,
> I'm looking for help on the BASEprogram, here is our situation we have a
> very old version of BASE (1.2 I think, the php version) and we would
> like to make it evolve to the latest version available, however the
> update tool run with this old version, Is there a way to make an update
> of our database to the latest version of BASE interface?
> Thank you for your help,
> Sincerely,

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