Hi Nicklas et al,

Getting up to speed with BASE3 and NGS - so far all seems good - even
upgrading our own API code has gone smoother than I expected.  Thanks!

A possible feature request for general discussion:

Would it be possible to have "placeholder" files in the BASE file system
which weren't on disk but had an FTP location stored in the DB?   It would
be a bit like the current "offline" option but for our use case (fastq and
BAM files stored elsewhere and never processed by BASE3 or plugins) we
would never even upload the files in the first place (I can't find a way to
create a file that is offline from the start).

The debate for other users/devs would be: should BASE automatically
retrieve the files when needed?  I say no need for that - treat them like
offline files are currently (if I understand correctly how offline files

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