Hi All,

We are considering BASE as the molecular diagnostics backend system for a 
project, and I was trying to figure out some of the backend workings of the 
schema. I would appreciate some feedback on the following:

1) Is there a document that explains the PG schema that BASE uses, as far as 
the role of each table, and how it fits in the global model for BASE?

2) Is there an instance of BASE which includes a comprehensive project that 
shows the meaningful use for the database?

At a more detailed level:

3) Patients/Subjects are entered as Biosources (from the web front end), and 
are saved in the BioMaterials table. Samples from these subjects are added as 
Samples (from the web front end) and are saved in the same BioMaterials table, 
too. Same for extracts. To relate these entries together, one can make use of 
the parent_id column and the discriminator level (i.e. 1, 2, 3). Is this 
explanation accurate?

4) Is there a way of entering/saving that a specific sample has been 

5) The number in the column event_type in the BioMaterialEvents table, what 
does it reference?

6) Where is the sample type saved in the database?

Thanks for your feedback.

Rachad Badrawi
Data Integration Manager,
Ontario Cancer Biomarker Network (OCBN).
Adjunct Lecturer,
Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine,
Queen's University.

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