This XQuery update related question might be not the most BaseX-specific question that has ever been asked on the list, but anyway:

I’m currently improving the performance of sxedit (that I presented at XML Prague yesterday). One nasty workaround that I have to do in the browser is escaping the names of the TEI elements body and head when I generate TEI XML from HTML despite the fact that these elemens are in a different namespace (because browsers…). So I have TEI XML with the elements _____head and _____body. I serialize this XML and use regex replacement on the string when I submit the TEI XML for download or for storage in BaseX. (Yes, it seems silly to serialize the XML before POSTing it to RESTXQ and then using parse-xml(), but don’t mind that for the moment.)

The function that does the storage is at

Now I thought that I might do without the performance-killing string replacement in the browser if I let BaseX transform the posted data prior to replacing the stored subtree with what was posted.

So I tried the following for the function body:

    copy $doc := parse-xml($wrapper)
    modify (
for $n in $doc/descendant-or-self::*[starts-with(local-name(), '_____')]
      let $repl := replace(local-name($n), '^_____', ''),
          $uri := namespace-uri($n)
      return rename node $n as QName($uri, $repl)
replace node db:open($doc/*:frag/@db, $doc/*:frag/@doc)//*[path() eq $doc/*:frag/@xpath]
    with $doc/*:frag/*

upon which I get:
[XUST0001] Transform expression: no updating expression allowed.

How would I achieve the transform and then update operation?


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