Hi Adil,

Thanks for mentioning the null pointer exception, this is clearly
something that should be fixed (if you are interested, you can follow
the issue that I’ve just created [1]).

  rename test1.xml test-moved/test1.xml

With this command, you can move documents inside a single database.
There is currently no fixed solution to move resources across
database, so you’ll probably have to use two requests for this (GET
and PUT).

Hope this helps

[1] https://github.com/BaseXdb/basex/issues/1358

> </command>
> The command returns a 200, but nothing has moved. I am clearly doing something
> wrong. If I change the URL in the cURL request to "http://localhost:8984/rest";
> I get a java null pointer exception.
> Do you know they syntax I should use for the REST API to move a file?
> many thanks,
> adil

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