We have seen some weird issue with basex only when executing xquery via java 
client (the basexclient.java from 
 . And I was wondering if you would have any tips.

The issue is happening when executing xquery to execute the function 

We have logs the queries that we are sending prior to calling the execute 
method in BasexClient.java, so we know that the xquerys are constructed 
correctly. However, we have been receiving inconsistent results from execute 
this xquery. Below are some examples of the basex logs.

05:42:40.907            admin    REQUEST              
XQUERY fn:current-dateTime()      0.11 ms
05:42:40.908            admin    OK           Query 
executed in 0.18 ms.             0.77 ms
05:42:44.787            admin    REQUEST              
̺°Ì±ïERY fn:current-dateTime()     10000.3 ms
05:42:44.787            admin    ERROR   Stopped at , 
1/6: Unknown command: ̺°Ì±ïERY. Did you mean 'ALTER'?                0.03 ms

In this basex log, as you can see, that the first time that the query "XQUERY 
fn:current-dateTime()"went successful, and somehow the second time the the 
query was being altered (in red above) and the query was not able to recognize 
the query from basex. We were not able to reproduce this issue consistently.

We have cross check the log on our applications so we know that the query has 
been constructed the same prior to making calls to basex.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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