I'm having some issues with finding the position of a value in a for loop. My query is complex so I can't write it in an example here (at least for the moment). I think the XQuery optimizer messes up with it.

The result I get from the for loop is something like this for every return entry:

<element>2113 - 11953 - 8760</element>

where 2113 is the stuck $pos, 11953 is the count $count, and 8760 is the number of values in the sequence I'm looping on.

Any Ideas? Can I disable part of the optimizer and see if that is the problem ?

p.s1 I'm already using declare option db:inlinelimit '0'; because I've noticed some time ago it helps with compiling the XQuery files (without this, I have cases of very slow or freezing compilations).

p.s2 I've also had issues this with Saxon involving $pos.

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