Hi Kendall,

> Can someone elaborate on this sentence in the documentation about
> jobs:result:

I hope that the updated documentation contains the missing pieces of
the jigsaw [1,2]:

    Please note that queries of this kind can cause deadlocks. For
example, if both the original query and the query to be executed
asynchronously perform updates on the same database, the second query
would only be run after the first one has been executed, and the first
query will wait forever.

    The function will terminate immediately if the job id is unknown.
This is the case if a future job has not been queued yet, or if the id
has already been discarded after job evaluation.

Hope this helps,

[1] http://docs.basex.org/wiki/Jobs_Module#jobs:result
[2] http://docs.basex.org/wiki/Jobs_Module#jobs:wait

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