I've been using BaseX (version 7.3.1 with Tomcat 8) to store an XML
database from XML files and using XQuery to query the database. It works
great before with simple Java servlet as I recall. After that, I updated
to use Spring Boot (version 1.5.2) for this web application (only update
from Java servlet to Spring Controller, the core to query BaseX doesn't
change), and it seems this weird exception java.io.IOException: Stream
Closed appears randomly by 100000 times in Tomcat's log (catalina.out).

I tried to catch this exception in my web application but it is not able
to catch. My web application's log (secore.log) also couldn't catch this
error, only Tomcat's log (catalina.out) logs this error but with 100000
times (the log file is huge).

Any idea to solve this problem will help me a lot?

Here is the stack trace in catalina.out for 1 exception:

And here is the configuration for log4j to log to both console and file
(secore.log) and only console (catalina.out) contains this exception: 


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