It works with a file: URI with five forward slashes, like

The results, if folders, may contain backslashes though.

On 22/01/2018 19:05, Christian Grün wrote:
Hi Dieter,

I haven’t tried Window networking by myself, but AFAIK access on
server is not possible via the File Module. It is based on Java’s
default file access, and an additional library (such as [1]) would
need to be embedded. JCIFS uses the CIFS/SMB networking protocol to
access network drives.

Sorry for that,


On Mon, Jan 22, 2018 at 1:49 PM, Dieter Zanzinger
<> wrote:

I am working with den BaseX-File-Module for a while and can access a local
for example: file:list('C:/').

Now I want the same in a Windows network.
If I create a folder on the Desktop of the local machine = localhost and
give it a "Freigabe" with "Freigabename" netzlaufwerktestF, it is possible
to list it´s contents with:

Now I try the same with a folder on a server, which I can access by windows
explorer. I expected the following to work:

But I get only errors.
Does anybody know the right way to access a network folder with the file
module of BaseX under windows?
(I didn´t find anything in the wiki or by google).

Thanks in advance

Dieter Zanzinger

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