Hi Stefania,

You can avoid it if you create the DB with chopping switched off in the first place.

Or you can supply the chopping option as you go:

db:replace('MyDB', 'doc.xml', '<a> stefy </a>', map {'chop':false()})

Whitespace chooping by default is maybe the most-detested design decision in BaseX, at least among users of mixed content.

Luckily you can switch it off.


On 27/01/2018 00:53, Stefania Axo wrote:
Hi all!

is there a way to preserve the beginning and ending spaces in the Database xml elements?

In other words If I execute this xQuery

            db:replace("MyDB", "doc.xml", "<a>  stefy  </a>")

the resulted document will be


As you can see I lost my beginner and ending spaces.


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