> On 16. May 2018, at 10:12, Ben Engbers <ben.engb...@be-logical.nl> wrote:
> Hi,
> If we manage to install BaseX on a MacBook, chances are great that we
> will use BaseX dor our final project.
> I know how to install BaseX on linux but I have no experience with
> Apple. My fellow-students know how to use applications but don't know
> how to deal with java-applications.
> My question is if BaseX can be used on a MacBook. If so, where can I
> find instructions?
> Cheers,
> Ben Engbers

Hi Ben,

it's quite easy to run BaseX on macOS.
First, you should have Java 8 or greater installed.

Then there are, at least, two options: ZIP or homebrew


- Download [1] BaseX stable or the latest snapshot as .zip
- Unzip and run ./bin/basex, ./bin/basexgui …

homebrew [2]:

homebrew calls itself "The missing package manager for macOS"

- Install homebrew
- Install basex via homebrew
  - $ brew install basex           # installs basex stable
  - $ brew install --devel basex   # installs basex latest
- In future upgrading to a new basex version would be:
  - $ brew upgrade basex


[1] http://basex.org/download/
[2] https://brew.sh/

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