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The corresponding issue will turn 5 next March: https://github.com/BaseXdb/basex/issues/902

If you are an XML developer who wants to index all the XML, XSLT, XProc, RNG, XSD, Schematron, etc. files on your hard disk in an XML database, chances are that you’ll need more than 256 namespaces.

I’m willing to shell out up to 1,200 Euros (plus VAT) out of my own pockets for this feature. Any other funders? Christian, how much do we need to raise collectively for you to prioritize storage layout redesign?


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Hi all,

Is it possible to bypass the following restriction (I cannot change "ep_ins_med_q.xsd" (Central Bank xbrl scheme))?:

BaseX 9.1

CREATE DB bfo D:/portal/xbrl/CBR/final_1_3_1/Taxonomy_1_3_1/www.cbr.ru/xbrl/bfo/
"D:/portal/xbrl/CBR/final_1_3_1/Taxonomy_1_3_1/www.cbr.ru/xbrl/bfo/rep/2018-03-31/ep/ep_ins_med_q.xsd""ep_ins_med_q.xsd" (Line 21): Too many distinct namespaces (limit: 256).

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