On Wed, 2019-03-13 at 11:57 +0100, Christian Grün wrote:
> > Note that i have a public identifier, so using prefer-public lets
> > that
> > be resolved.
> xmllint and BaseX seem to behave differently on my system. With
> xmllint and xsltproc, your examples run fine.

That's good at least...

> Your example (with the public identifier) returns the expected result
> if I replace "nonsense.dtd" with "http://nonsense.dtd";. Do you
> experience a similar behavior?

Io, but i am running the example locally with no http involve, and
using the standalone BaseX jar. But i did have to change it to map
      rewritePrefix="student.dtd" />

If you add
verbosity = 999
to CatalogManager.properties you will see a log of what it is trying to
resolve which may help (it also logs all the mapping rules it finds).

> In a nutshell: You convinced me well enough that we should simplify
> things and handle catalogs globally. 


Yes, they are a bit of a nightmare. Actually i’ve thought about having
the ability to write a URI Resolver in XQuery, 
    db:resolve-identifier($system, $public, $purpose, $types) as

but maybe it is too scary!

> Understanding catalogs is quite a
> challenge in itself, and we shouldn’t necessarily make it even more
> challenging. I have simplified the code again, so it looks pretty
> similar to your original solution ;)
i’m sorry - i should have included more background and rationale as to
why i did it the way i did, i think.

> • If a global catalog file list is defined, it will also be assigned
> to the XSL transformer. In fact, that’s the default behavior anyway
> if
> functions like fn:doc are used in BaseX.

> • No warnings will be output to standard error, unless
> xml.catalog.ignoreMissing is overwritten.

> The documentation has been updated, and new snapshots are available.

it is all working for me. Many many thanks!


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