I have a question that is more XQuery based than BaseX specifically
but I thought I would pose it here to see if any one knows.

The basic problem statement is: given a list of tags that have an id
attribute and a list of target attributes which should correspond to
those ids, are there any target attrbutes which reference ids which do
not exist?

Basically, I am trying to link up a tag called biblFull or biblStruct
which have an id attribute with a tag named title which has a target
attribute which should match up with one of the two tags (biblFull or
biblStruct) above.  I have formulated the query below which I believe
*should* give me all the title tags which do not exist either in the
biblFull or biblStruct id lists.  I am not getting the results that I
am expecting.

let $biblFull := distinct-values(collection('edil_target/Prologue Merged 
let $biblStruct := distinct-values(collection('edil_target/Prologue Merged 
for $title in collection('edil_target/eDIL-A.xml')//entry//title
where $title/@target != $biblStruct or $title/@target != $biblFull 
return $title

I am basically getting all the title tags back which is not what I am
expecting at all.  Can anyone shed any light on this?

Thank you very much in advance!

All the best,

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