On 21.10.2019 22:05, SW-Service wrote:
<xdomea:Aussonderung.Aussonderung.0503 xmlns:xdomea="urn:xoev-de:xdomea:schema:2.3.0">

Somewhat unrelated to your initial question, and it was probably someone else’s idea to put a minor version number in a namespace – but this is considered bad practice.

All processing applications, for example XSLT stylesheets or editing environments, need to be adapted when the namespace changes. This can probably be avoided by matching only local names in XSLT, but why use namespaces at all when you end up ignoring them?

If a schema is likely to undergo significant changes between major versions, it might be acceptable to include the major version in the namespace. In general, it is better to use a version attribute in the document instead so that transformation rules, editor configurations or schema co-occurrence constraints can be customized to reflect specific differences between the versions.


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