Hi all -

I'm trying to use BaseX to POST an image to a digital asset management
system (i.e. I'm not using RESTXQ, etc, just using BaseX to compose and
send the request).

The request:
<http:request method='POST' username='{$user}' password='{$pass}'
    auth-method='Basic' send-authorization='true'>
  <http:multipart media-type='multipart/form-data'>
      <http:body media-type='image/tiff'/>

I'm a hapless caveman when it comes to http, and so when the binary content
gets POSTed, the mime-type becomes something like
'multipart/form-data;boundary=1BEF0A57BE110FD467A'. I'm clearly missing
something in the http:request but... I don't know what.

Any suggestions? It seems like I need some training wheels here, but I'm
not sure which ones. :)
Thank you, in advance, for your time and trouble.

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