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The problem is most probably that your XSLT doesn’t create a *primary* output. It just writes something to another result-document. However, the interface for invoking an XSLT expects some result document. So if you just create a <bogus/> element next to <xsl:result-document> and then discard it, it should just work.


On 21.05.2020 17:22, Furst, Thomas wrote:
I have a large XML file stored in BaseX that I need to split up into smaller, modular documents. I have created an XSL file to do so:

<xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl="http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform";




     <xsl:output indent="yes" encoding="UTF-8"/>

     <xsl:param name="schema"/>

     <xsl:param name="model"/>

     <xsl:param name="sysDiff"/>

     <xsl:param name="sys"/>

     <xsl:param name="subsys"/>

     <xsl:param name="subsubsys"/>

     <xsl:param name="assy"/>

     <xsl:param name="disassy"/>

     <xsl:param name="disassyv"/>

     <xsl:param name="info"/>

     <xsl:param name="infov"/>

     <xsl:param name="itemloc"/>

     <xsl:param name="tname"/>

     <xsl:param name="iname"/>

     <xsl:param name="outputDir"/>

     <xsl:template match="/">

        <xsl:result-document href="{concat($outputDir, '/DMC-',$model,'-',$sysDiff,'-',$sys,'-',$subsys,$subsubsys,'-',$assy,'-',$disassy,$disassyv,'-',$info,$infov,'-',$itemloc,'.xml')}" method="xml">





                            <dmCode modelIdentCode="{$model}" systemDiffCode="{$sysDiff}">

                                <xsl:attribute name="systemCode" select="$sys"/>

                                <xsl:attribute name="subSystemCode" select="$subsys"/>

                                <xsl:attribute name="subSubSystemCode" select="$subsubsys"/>

                                <xsl:attribute name="assyCode" select="$assy"/>

                                <xsl:attribute name="disassyCode" select="$disassy"/>

                                <xsl:attribute name="disassyCodeVariant" select="$disassyv"/>

                                <xsl:attribute name="infoCode" select="$info"/>

                                <xsl:attribute name="infoCodeVariant" select="$infov"/>

                                <xsl:attribute name="itemLocationCode" select="$itemloc"/>


                            <language languageIsoCode="en" countryIsoCode="US"/>

                             <issueInfo issueNumber="000" inWork="01"/>








My issue is that when using the xslt:transform() function in BaseX it only returns (creates) the first document. This is the XQuery I have for this:

let $style := doc('file:///C:/base.xsl')

    for $d in doc('file:///C:/Users/tfurst/Documents/Book1-test.xml')//title

       for $newD in //*[title]

       where $newD/title/@id eq $d/@id

         let $schema := $d/schemaName

         let $model := $d/modelic

         let $sdc := $d/sdc

         let $sys := $d/systemCode

         let $subsys := $d/subsys

         let $subsubsys := $d/subsubsys

         let $assy := $d/assy

         let $disassy := $d/disassy

         let $disassyv := $d/disassyv

         let $info := $d/infoCode

         let $infov := $d/infov

         let $itemloc := $d/itemloc

         let $tname := $d/tname

         let $iname := $d/iname

        return xslt:transform($newD,$style, map {"outputDir":"file:///G:/LMA-Conv/Flight/test-conv-out", "model":$model, "sysDiff":$sdc, "sys":$sys, "subsys":$subsys, "subsubsys":$subsubsys, "assy":$assy, "disassy":$disassy, "disassyv":$disassyv, "info":$info, "infov":$infov, "itemloc":$itemloc, "tname":$tname, "iname":$iname})

The document named Book1-test.xml is essentially a map of existing IDs of elements to new output file names. After it creates the first XML output file BaseX returns ERROR [FODC0002] "" (Line 1): Premature end of file. When I looked up the error code in the BaseX documentation this error is defined as *"The specified document resource cannot be retrieved. "*. Is there some limitation to the use of the xslt:transform function in a loop? I am not understanding why it was able to retrieved the first time, but not after that. I have tried to move the XSL to different file locations, no luck. Am I missing something ridiculously obvious here? This XSL stylesheet is a very simplified version of what it will ultimately become, I wanted to get the process down before fully developing the XSL.

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Tom Furst

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