Hi Folks,

Perhaps I'm using too new of an Eclipse (Photon), but I'm not able to
integrate Eclipse with BaseX.  I installed the trial Oxygen plugin, though
I don't want to pay for it.  Even then, it would not offer a BaseX
datasource, only one for ExistDB.  I tried to install XQDT, but it could
not be installed without downgrading many components, which I did not want
to do.

As an Eclipse person, using IntelliJ would not be very productive as I've
gotten used to the Eclipse keyboard shortcuts.

I'd like to create a server program based in BaseX with RESTful xquery
based services.  Initially, it would be a CRUD type application.  It
doesn't need high performance, just not terrible, and I'd like to be able
to authenticate into it.  I'm confident BaseX can handle the task, it's
just getting an editor capable of handling it.  Using the GUI that comes
with BaseX is good for small tasks, but not so good for larger applications.

It doesn't appear that there's much in the way of XQuery support in Eclipse
anymore, and even the XQDT if it could be installed doesn't support the
newer 3.1 type xquery (I believe I read).  Can someone recommend a good
editor?  I'm using GVim for many small projects, though it takes work to
get it to work with larger projects efficiently (CTags helps for C/C++
code, but I dont' think it works with XQuery).

Separately, would it be possible to develop a secure BaseX based
application that users could log in, and authenticate into,  store delicate
personal information and have it be sufficiently secure?  Could it be at
least as secure as, say a Tomcat application?  Sorry to ask this question,
I do app development, but usually my role comes in after the user has been
authenticated using something like OAuth or other.

Best Regards,
Ben Prachtcom <ben.pra...@gmail.com>

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