I haven’t tried Eclipse integration, but I’m using basex from Oxygen configured 
as in:


You can then use BaseX in a transformation scenario. 
But the XQuery debugger is still restricted to Saxon only. 

Re: security and authentication: 

Have you looked at the sample DBA app or RESTXQ permissions:

https://docs.basex.org/wiki/DBA <https://docs.basex.org/wiki/DBA>


If you want to add some external authentication, you can run the basex war file 
under tomcat.
( And/or proxy thru Apache/nginx. ) 

— Steve M. 

> On May 24, 2020, at 9:37 PM, Ben Pracht <ben.pra...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> Perhaps I'm using too new of an Eclipse (Photon), but I'm not able to 
> integrate Eclipse with BaseX.  I installed the trial Oxygen plugin, though I 
> don't want to pay for it.  Even then, it would not offer a BaseX datasource, 
> only one for ExistDB.  I tried to install XQDT, but it could not be installed 
> without downgrading many components, which I did not want to do.  
> As an Eclipse person, using IntelliJ would not be very productive as I've 
> gotten used to the Eclipse keyboard shortcuts.
> I'd like to create a server program based in BaseX with RESTful xquery based 
> services.  Initially, it would be a CRUD type application.  It doesn't need 
> high performance, just not terrible, and I'd like to be able to authenticate 
> into it.  I'm confident BaseX can handle the task, it's just getting an 
> editor capable of handling it.  Using the GUI that comes with BaseX is good 
> for small tasks, but not so good for larger applications.
> It doesn't appear that there's much in the way of XQuery support in Eclipse 
> anymore, and even the XQDT if it could be installed doesn't support the newer 
> 3.1 type xquery (I believe I read).  Can someone recommend a good editor?  
> I'm using GVim for many small projects, though it takes work to get it to 
> work with larger projects efficiently (CTags helps for C/C++ code, but I 
> dont' think it works with XQuery).  
> Separately, would it be possible to develop a secure BaseX based application 
> that users could log in, and authenticate into,  store delicate personal 
> information and have it be sufficiently secure?  Could it be at least as 
> secure as, say a Tomcat application?  Sorry to ask this question, I do app 
> development, but usually my role comes in after the user has been 
> authenticated using something like OAuth or other.
> Best Regards,
> Ben Prachtcom <mailto:ben.pra...@gmail.com>

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