Been a while since I've posted. Been a while since I programmed!

I need to run a client-side stylesheet (XSLTForms, I tried it server side,
didn't work), but getting my assembled XHTML document to output with
<?xml-stylesheet ...?> has been hard. After searching
searching this list, lots of googling with prolog/declaration/other words,
I came up empty. So I tried other things.

But those other things worked poorly, and when things did come out in the
right order, with the right namespaces etc, the single page app that worked
as a standalone document, doesn't work. If I copy and paste raw output from
basex that my browser receives, put it in a new file in the same directory,
and open that in my browser it works fine. So there's gotta be some issue
with my workaround.

So I'm hoping you can tell me what I've missed in my searches, so that I
don't need a workaround :-)

I haven't built anything in a few years, but I've been subscribed to this
list for many many years and you're all such a patient, wonderful lot.
Thank you all so much.

Be well,
Jay Straw

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