I don't quite understand what it means for Jetty to be "embedded" in or with BaseX, but presumably there's a configuration?

I see:

|DEBUG =falseDBPATH =/home/nicholas/basex/data LOGPATH =.logs REPOPATH =/home/nicholas/basex/repo LANG =EnglishLANGKEYS =falseFAIRLOCK =falseCACHETIMEOUT =3600#Client/ServerArchitectureHOST =localhost PORT =1984SERVERPORT =1984USER =PASSWORD =SERVERHOST =PROXYHOST =PROXYPORT =0NONPROXYHOSTS =IGNORECERT =falseIGNOREHOSTNAME =falseTIMEOUT =30KEEPALIVE =600PARALLEL =8LOG =trueLOGMSGMAXLEN =1000#HTTP ServicesWEBPATH =/home/nicholas/basex/webapp RESTPATH =RESTXQPATH =PARSERESTXQ =3HTTPLOCAL =falseSTOPPORT =8985AUTHMETHOD =Basic but there's nothing actually at WEBPATH, no directory. Perhaps RESTXQPATH requires configuration? Really, just guessing. See also: https://askubuntu.com/q/1252599/847449 If I installed BaseX with apt, should it also pull in Jetty, then? thanks, Nick |

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