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From: RobStapper
Sent: Thursday, June 25, 2020 1:33 PM
Subject: inline issue 

Hi Cristian,

It has been a while. I hope all is well over there.
Yep, still using BaseX and still loving it. It is a great product.

However 😉 lately I encounter an issue with the %basex:inline annotation ☹ and 
it is bugging me.

Consider both snippets [snip1], [snip2]. Both should give the same result. 
However they don’t and worse a can’t make the second snippet [ snip2] work 
conform the first snippet{snip1]. 

if ( true() )
then "true"
else error((),"false")

function( $pred
        , $true
        , $false
          if ( $pred)
          then $true
          else $false
        } ( true()
          , "true"
          , error((),"false")

Can you please have a look at this? 

Rob Stapper

PS. As I remember this used to work fine.
I remember we had a discussion concerning inlining and laziness on 2015-06-17.

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