Thanks Michael!

This looks quite simple but you probably saved me two to four hours of figuring out which lib to use, how to invoke the completion and how to shape the server response. Will try to use it in my app tomorrow.

And since there has been a question on this list recently which sites are built on BaseX, I will add to the list the site that I’m currently working on (Hogrefe Publishing’s Clinical Handbook of Psychotropic Drugs) probably in September, when it will have been relaunched. Accessing the site requires a subscription though, but maybe the publisher will decide that at least the search be free, enticing more mental health practitioners into subscribing when they want to access the search results…


On 26.06.2020 16:34, Michael Seiferle wrote:
Hi Gerrit,

I came up with the following example —

Hope this helps — feel free to ask for more. I simply chose the first autocomplete 
library that showed up when asking google for  "autocomplete lightweight“ ;-)

Probably the most relevant changes compared to the default BaseX Config files 
are here:

Changed the Servlet mapping, so RESTXQ is output at `/api` (and not /)

And static-files are output at: `/` instead of the default `/static`

If you simply clone my repo, the relevant parts should be „correct“ — according 
to my personal taste ;-)

Feel free to ask for more help.


Am 25.06.2020 um 18:31 schrieb Imsieke, Gerrit, le-tex 

Hi List,

Can anyone recommend a lightweight vanilla Javascript autocomplete library that 
can easily be used together with BaseX RESTXQ? Maybe even a readily 
cloneable/modifiable example?
I don’t have a preference for a server response format. The RESTXQ service may 
be configured to return XML, JSON, or HTML
No CORS restrictions need to be considered, the query host is the same that 
delivers the HTML pages.


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