I've encountered a problem using xslt:transform in to transform some old XML 
that contains a DTD DOCTYPE system literal pointing to a non-working URI and 
also uses ENTITYREF attributes to refer to image files. I have the XML Catalog 
configured correctly using CATFILE. The XSLT is using unparsed-entity-uri() to 
convert the ENTITYREF into a file name for an href attribute. I've tested the 
XSLT and the XML Catalog in oXygen and in XSpec, so I know they work. I've 
tried a few alternatives to get this to work in BaseX and have not arrived at a 
working solution.

The BaseX setup uses BaseX 9.3.3, XML Resolver 1.2, and Saxon HE 9.9.1-7.

Passing the XML directly to xslt:transform does not use the XML Catalog for 
parsing the XM. I've tried making the first parameter of xslt:transform a path 
to a XML file, an xs:anyURI pointing to the XML file, or string containing the 
XML. Each time the XML fails to parse due to the non-working URI in the system 
literal. When I change the system literal to a URI that works the 
transformation works and the unparsed-entity-uri() function produces the 
expected file name for the href attribute.

I also tried parsing the XML using doc() or fetch:xml() first and then using 
the parsed XML as the first parameter of xslt:transform(). The doc() or 
fetch:xml does use the XML Catalog to parse the XML. However, 
unparsed-entity-uri() function produces an empty string because the DTD 
information is no longer available.

Hoping to be able to spot the problem I looked through the BaseX code. 
XsltTransform is using CatalogWrapper to set a URIResolver, but is not setting 
an EntityResolver. SAXWrapper is using CatalogWrapper to set an EntityResolver 
before parsing XML. It looks like this should work, but it's not.

The next alternative is to pre-process the XML using a regular expression to 
replace the non-working URI in the DOCTYPE system literal with a working URI 
prior to xslt:transform(). This works, but it seems like this is just working 
around a problem.

Has anyone else encountered this problem and found a better solution?


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