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BASFA Meeting 1363

September 12, 2016


Trey Haddad, President

Ken Patterson, Vice President

Dave Gallaher, Treasurer

Galen Tripp, Sergeant at Arms

Barbara Johnson-Haddad, Secretary

held at the Black Bear Diner


Began 8 pm, with dessert

26 people attended


we established a party jar


The minutes of meeting 1362 were accepted as 'Oh no they're not'


The Treasurer reported that last week we took in $6.50 in the regular jar & 
$4.20 in the party jar


The Vice President reported that the Retrodome kills theatres


The President greeted Neil W - who was visiting us for the first time because 
of JC



JC announced that Nerdvana Podcast is back, baby & a huge gret of datatude is 
owed to Steve Nelson & they will be posting 3 podcasts a week for a while.  
Episode 44, parts 2 & 3 are out now and episode 45 will be out Friday & they 
will be doing the Convolution Podcast on Saturday of the con & next week is 
their Hallowe'en tribute


Adrienne announced that she has 2 boxes of household supplies, some of them 
opened, for anyone interested &  announced that next Monday is 'Talk like a 
Pirate Day'


Steven announced that he has a new podcast = SciFiSciFiSciFi, doing short 
reivews of books and is on episode 10 and available on iTunes


Dave C announced that there's a convention coming up, Jan 14-15, Comic 
Excitement in LA at the Staple Center


Kaitlyn announced that her music department at Santa Clara High is doing a fund 
raiser on Oct 2nd, from 10 am till 2pm, selling all sorts of mattresses




Carole reviewed a wedding as nice enough in a mildly hokey sort of way


Fred reviewed a SFinSF event with Robert Silverberg as he really enjoyed 
hearing about SF fannish history


John O reviewed 'Suicide Squad' as he enjoyed it & thought Harley Quinn steals 
the show & reviewed 'Kubo' as visually  beautiful, really enjoyable hero's 
journey, recommended & worth full price


Gayle reviewed a Finnish fanzine bought at BASFA auction as an interesting read 
& their website is http://www.finnishweird.net/


Gerry reviewed a TV biopic on Churchill, 'Churchill's Secret' as worth a couple 
of hours to watch


Fred reviewed a party where he played fizzball for the first time as a good 
time was had by all


we did auctions


we adjourned at 8:52 pm


and the rumor of the week was:  'Huge grets of datatude are better than small 





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