Instead of trying to post the BASFA Hugo Recommendations to the (moribund) 
LiveJournal Hugo_Recommend community as I've done in the past, I have created a 
PDF of the combined Hugo/Retro-Hugo/YA Award/Campbell Award recommendations and 
posted it to the BASFA web site. I've changed the front page so that the "lead" 
for now is the BASFA Hugo Recommendations, with a link to the recommendation 

To those of you who recommended me for Best Fan Writer, I'm flattered, but I'm 
one of the handful of people who is explicitly ineligible this year, because I 
am one of the members of the 2018 Hugo Award Administration Subcommittee. 
Thanks again for thinking of me, but please don't waste a nomination on me.

If anyone spots any errors in the lists, let me know and I'll fix them as soon 
as I can.

Kevin Standlee

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