Minutes of Meeting # 1441
Monday, March 12, 2018

Trey Haddad, President
Ken Patterson, Vice President
Dave Gallaher, Treasurer
Galen Tripp, Sergeant at Arms
Barbara Johnson-Haddad, Secretary
held at the Black Bear Diner, Milpitas

Called to order at 20:00 with 22 people in attendance, and the Sharks ahead by 

A party jar was established 

Minutes of meeting #1440 were posted prior to the meeting, and accepted as: 

Treasurer Report

Regular $0.50
Party   $3.00

Regular $n/a
Party   $n/a

The VP had nothing Fannish.

The President was MIA with the secretary.

Committee Reports       


SF Giants. 5/18 $30/ea. SW night. Include SW premium. Plenty of tickets 

SJ Giants. 6/15 Harry Potter night. $52/person (includes food and beverage) If 
you have expressed interest, payment is now being accepted. Check or Cash in 
person, or PayPal to ba...@p4tt.com


Harold is still in a nursing hime for his broken leg. Still not sure what the 
pain is.
Consonance in Milpitas at the Crowne Plaza. 3/24-25. Consonance.org 

The saga of SpecialK and college: Is now on the wit list for CPSlo. Did not get 
accepted to Davis (5900/78,000 freshmen). Now hope for UC Irvine.

Is collecting lanyards and badge clips for Consonance. 

Conventions coming up: International Conference on the Fantastic int he Arts in 
Florida, Consonance, Clockwork Alchemy. All cons are on the WC76 appearances 
shared calendar. Help will be needed for big weekends coming up. Over 70 
appearance coming up!

The KFJC Psychotronix film festival will be on Saturday 3/31 at 7pm Foothill 
College, room 5015. $5 donation to KFJC, $3 for parking.
There is a new Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy radio series. Started last 
Thursday on BBC Radio4 - available worldwide on iPlayer 

Has a contract for his new work Run Lagomorph, which will be distributed by 
Bundle Rabbit. Self publish or small press authors might be interested in this 

John and her will be throwing a WorldCon party at BayCon - Fri & Sun night.
JC says he heard there will be guests there. Gallowglass, Garcia, and the 
Nerdvana Podcast.

Kate Wilhelm and Mary Rosenbloom both passed away this past weekend.


Last week went a visited some family in Sparks. Stayed at the El Dorado. Nice 
hotel. Won at some craps. Also went to Grand Sierra Resort (former MGMGrand) 
The bowling alley is the only remaining thing of the original. Ijji Sushi in 
Sparks was rally good, $17 all you can eat! Nice to see family.

Last night saw A Wrinkle in Time. Didn’t do the big throbbing brain in a vat, 
and the replacement was well done. Liked how the story was constructed. Worth 
full price, not necessarily 3-D.
ChrisO: Thought 3-D was very beautiful. Liked how it was updated. “Brain” was 
well designed. Changes made made sense for the movie.

FogCon this past weekend. Likes that the membership seems different from all 
the other cons. Some panels were better, some not. Worth having gone to, 
despite a cold. Fun convention.
Brad: Was there. Was on 2 panels. Takes great care to pair panels and 
panelists. Audience was active. Nice dealers room, lots of books. FogCon is 
kind of it’s own community.
Fred: Also there. Very good time. Lot of work goes into the panels. Grateful 
for a masseuse on site.

Saw Black Panther. Loved it. Glad it passed $1B worldwide. All the pieces fit. 
Recommends. Looking to see if his FF#55 climbs in price.
JohnO: Someone asked why it was popular, and they got piled on. Also, the 
Wakandan salute is being used by athletes now.
Dianne: Google Wakanda this and that to find out how powerful.

Been doing Hugo nom reading. 3 books in the process, plus another 3 to read. 
Autonomous by Annalee Newitz. Great world building and moral issues examined - 
but the ending didn’t stick. Still will nominate. Sarah Gailey’s River of Teeth 
novella about hippo breeding in the Mississippi. Loved it all the way through. 
An Unkindness of Ghost by Rivers Solomon. Ark ship with antebellum south 
structure. Not impressed with the world building, but may be changed by how the 
book proceeds. Possibly a Campbell (not a Hugo) nominee.

Got to her first Cinequest. Thursday saw Tatiana Maslany who got a Spirit 
award. She was also in a short inspired by the recent eclipse and another 
event. Souls of Totality. SF fans would appreciate it. Also saw Haunted (a 
Norwegian film with subs). It was a ghost story. Needed more clarity in some of 
the plot. Spooky from the beginning. Worth matinee.
Mo: Enjoyed Cinequest. Souls of Totality filmmakers decided to make a film 
during the eclipse. All in real time. Haunted left you up in the air. Too many 
jump-outs and scares. Also saw saw Baghdad to the Bay, about an interpreter. 
Very emotional. Oscar worthy. Cinequest worth almost full price.

Props to MIT Media Labs event Beyond the Cradle. Videos available if you missed 
it. Phenomenal panels.
Movie Coco is fantastic. Vibrant. Many nods to Mexican culture.

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - The Hexagonal Phase. New radio series based 
on Eoin Colfer’s book And Another Thing… First episode spent too much time 
recapping and giving unnecessary exposition. But, like the old Betelgeusian 
death anthem says - after this, things can only get better. 

There was an auction, and the meeting adjourned around 21:39, and the rumor of 
the week was: It’s like the Lawrence Welk Show. 

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