Hi,one month ago I sent an email to Basket current maintainer regarding how 
Basket could get back in KDE, offering my help in doing so. As I mentioned in 
that mail, I see many benefits of moving to KDE: infrastructure (phabricator, 
bugzilla, gitlab, ...), advertisement, developer interest, and so on; I think 
it could be especially useful since Basket has not been developed for more than 
a year at this point. In the email I mentioned that I was up to doing all the 
porting work, plus maintaining the application once inside KDE, making sure it 
gets promoted, and so on. Since I did not receive an answer, I was considering 
moving forward with that, especially since there has not been significant 
development in more than a year. Do you have any feedback on that?
For transparency, here is my original email:

> Hi!
> I'm Niccolò Venerandi from the KDE community. I have been using Basket for 
> some time, and I really appreciated the many features that it has. Unluckly, 
> I noticed that there was no big development since one year ago. I have 
> recently found some posts of Basket users asking if there was anybody that 
> could help the development of Basket; in particular, this 
> (https://www.reddit.com/r/kde/comments/ehaq8j/discussion_kde_basket/) thread 
> got me really interested. He even says that Basket could become one of the 
> "jewel of KDE" with some help, which I can really agree with, since the good 
> time I had with it.
> Since I like both KDE and Basket, I was wondering if I could help in that 
> happening. In the last years I formed a good knowledge of how the KDE 
> community works internally, and I really think that moving back to being a 
> KDE project would bring many benefits to Basket. There are infrastructure 
> benefits: KDE can offer website hosting, bugzilla, hosting both on 
> cgit.kde.org or kde gitlab, matrix/irc/telegram bridget chats, phabricator 
> boards to organize and so on. There are also advertisement benefits, as being 
> inside KDE means that every release is advertized in the Application Update 
> on the dot.kde.org, which is followed by many users, and advertisement can be 
> pushed from KDE promotional accounts with more than 80k followers, and Basket 
> would being indexed in the list of KDE applications on the application 
> website, plus it would become a part of Apps promotional videos (especially 
> if it happens before the 20th of Feb). Also, KDE community is great at 
> helping on many tasks if asked, such as creating new logos, creating mockups, 
> testing the application, analysing the visual design, updating the website, 
> and so on, all done in the KDE Visual Design Group. Finally, I also think 
> that moving inside KDE would mean more contributors, as a) there are many 
> developers who love KDE and (just like me) would be ready to help develop any 
> KDE application to make the overall KDE quality greater, b) the increase of 
> promotion and userbase would possibly bring new contributors (they only need 
> a KDE Identity, which has never been a problem based on past onboarding 
> activities).
> Since I know how the KDE community works, I'm absolutely up to do the whole 
> work (setting up chats, sysadmin tasks, websites, everything). If Basket gets 
> into KDE, I will also work on fixing bugs and adding new features regularly. 
> A couple of things that I'd love to implement in the long term are Akonadi 
> (facultative) support like Kjots currently has and, if it works, a Kirigami 
> interface that would make Basket work on Plasma Mobile and Android as well. 
> If it supported Akonadi, Basket could also be embedded into the Kontact 
> suite, helping Basket reach even more users. If necessary (you got busy or 
> anything), I'm also up to becoming a mantainer of it as part of the KDE app 
> suite. Just tell me if that's needed. 
> For the reasons above, I'd suggest to consider moving to KDE and I would more 
> than happy to help in that case.
Thanks in advance,Niccolò Venerandi

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