A couple years ago we purchased an openstack appliance from Nebula systems 
(www.nebula.com).  Yesterday they went out of business.  The system works 
fairly well and we complemented it with decent servers.  It was never intended 
to be a production service but has and will continue to serve us well as a 
sandbox for staff to learn about openstack as well as to develop virtual 
infrastructures that might eventually be applied in AWS without having to spend 
scarce project dollars on so much trial and error.  The question is what's 
next?  Eventually the Nebula box, which I believe is still running the Grizzly 
version, will no longer be acceptable and that's being pretty optimistic about 
the hardware.  My own experience building an openstack cluster from scratch 
using the components from the CentOS and Fedora repos was successful but not 
something I could ever hand over to the sustainment team.  I'm aware that a 
number vendors are offering more supportable software based packaging of opensta
 ck components.  As we start digging into that market, I would be grateful for 
any recommendations, positive or negative.

Dave Goldberg

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