On Sun Apr 26 2015 Peter Münster wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 26 2015, Roland Winkler wrote:
> > Still I believe that partially completed email addresses are not very
> > meaningful return values in such a context.
> Sorry, I don't understand...  Why "partially"?  After completion, gnus
> gets the right address.

Say, I have bbdb-completion-list bound to '(lf-name) so that
bbdb-complete-mail uses the last name for completion.

Now if there are two records for Joe Andersen and Dave Anderson and
I type "and", bbdb-complete-mail and also bbdb-completing-read-mails
will complete this to "anders" which is the common part of Andersen
and Anderson.  (That's called partial completion.  Emacs does it all
the time.)  But a meaningful return value for
bbdb-completing-read-mails would only be one or multiple comma-separated
valid email addresses.  In general, that's why completing-read has
an optional arg REQUIRE-MATCH.  If that's non-nil you must enter a
valid completion.  Partially completed values are not valid as
return values.

But bbdb-completing-read-mails does not use something like


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