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> Hello Mosè,
> BBDB is some sort of phone book (well, it means insidious Big-Bother 
> Data Base). My intention is to have functions to read the to-address with
> auto-completion by getting the data from BBDB by means of name or
> organisation.

Are you intending to provide support for some/all of the existing
auto-completion packages (ac, helm, company, etc), or home-roll
something of your own?

Just curious, as I'm still fooling around with BBDB and completion. I
use helm, and recently replaced auto-complete with company-mode, which I
generally like better. But helm-bbdb is unmaintained (I asked, and was
told I could have it!) and while company-mode completes fine on the To
header in message-mode, it seems to have somehow broken cycling on the
From header.

Anyhow... this is a bit off-topic, so I won't follow up to the auctex


> It is not that simple because the way you present the address in a
> postal sending may need some formatting dependent on the country, so
> probably a defcustom is needed to make this more open. There may also be
> some dependance on the LaTeX extension (koma-script, letter or lettre),
> I have not investigated kom-script yet, but letter and lettre are quite
> similar.
> The same recipient name may also be associated with several snail mail
> address, so there also needs to be some selection mechanism for this
> case.
> Concerning the place where to put the Elisp code, well I don't know
> where the best place is, probably some new tex-bbdb.el would be a good
> alternative.
> VBR,
>     Vincent Belaïche
> PS: CC to BBDB list.
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>> Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2015 12:23:13 +0100
>> Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] AUCTeX support in lettre
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>> CC:
>> Hi Vincent,
>> 2015-11-12 23:23 GMT+01:00 Vincent Belaïche <>:
>>> Dear AUCTeX experts,
>>> For your information I intend to add AUCTeX support to package lettre of 
>>> which I am the maintainer.
>>> Here is a preliminary verison, comments/brickbats welcome...
>> Just a comment: please use `TeX-read-string' instead of `read-string' ;-)
>>> My intention is to add BBDB support, I have seen that this is also
>>> in the TODO list of AUCTeX for class letter. I think that it would
>>> be a good idea if some code could be commonalized for all letter
>>> supporting classes (the three main ones, AFAIK, are letter, lettre,
>>> and koma-script).
>> I don't know what BBDB actually does, could you please briefly explain
>> which features provides and how do you plan to integrate with your
>> package?
>>> Any idea how to do that ? Any suggestion where to start ?
>> Do you mean how to commonalize the functions used in those style
>> files? If so, indeed we don't have a real place where to put
>> functions that should be used only in style files, they simply go in
>> tex.el or latex.el, where appropriate. tex-style.el has been used so
>> far only for variables (as stated also in the header).
>> Bye,
>> Mosè
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