On Sun Nov 22 2015 David Maus wrote:
> Attached diff against current master adds basic support for
> Wanderlust, a mail/news management system with IMAP4rev1 support for
> Emacsen.

Thank you.  

I saw that you have already assigned your copyright for Emacs to the
FSF, that's good.  Could you please also send an informal email to
the FSF copyright clerk at fsf-reco...@gnu.org saying that your
previous copyright assignment covers BBDB/Emacs, too?  Thanks.
(I hope you agree to this.)

I'll add your patch to the repository.

> Side note: While implementing the support I noticed that the macro
> 'bbdb-mua-wrapper' seems to be one important part that prevents
> one from adding support for additional muas w/o patching bbdb
> itself. You could rewrite the macro to simply use a dispatch table
> to select an appropriate function to select buffer based on mua:
> With this modified macro in place I was able to use BBDB with
> Wanderlust only be modifying variables and advicing defuns [1]
> since 2014.

Just to make sure I understand correctly: your proposed change to
the macro bbdb-mua-wrapper does not solve all problems immediately.
It also requires advicing defuns if one wants to add a new MUA.
-- My point is that advicing defuns can make debugging very painful.
So for issues of general interest I really would not want to
advertise it as a strategy.

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