I do sync my (Android) phone contacts (and calendars) by using DAVDroid
application which talks to Baikal server.

On my Linux desktop side I use khard for editing contacts which are then
synced with the Baikal server via vdirsyncer.

In order to sync my BBDB contacts with khard, atm I use bbdb-vcard
(https://github.com/tohojo/bbdb-vcard) which can import/export them.

There is also ASynK (https://github.com/skarra/ASynK) package which
could eliminate the need for bbdb-vcard and could automatically sync my
BBDB contacts with the Baikal server, but would like to hear some
experiences in using it and/or whether it does work with Baikal server
(I’ve recently switched to it from ownCloud for simplicity reasons)?

Moreover, by looking at the mailing list I see that there were cases
when people lost their contacts with it…


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