"Roland Winkler" <wink...@gnu.org> writes:

> Currently BBDB supports only one such file.  I'd like to extend
> that.  This relates to one item that has been on my BBDB todo list
> for a long time: add uuid fields to each record so that BBDB can
> check more reliably whether two records are "equal".  Here uuid
> fields will come handy in a range of use cases, with multiple
> database files, but also, say when importing and exporting BBDB
> records from / to other databases.

That would be great to have, indeed. Single BBDB file is also the
reason why I won’t go into ASynK route and stay with bbdb-vcard

> Here are a few thoughts about uuid fields, please comment:

I’m too new with BBDB to be able to comment not being familiar with BBDB

> So the uuid field should become a "compulsory" field (appearing in
> the "backbone" of each record).  This requires to change (once more)
> the internal format of BBDB records.

That’s clear.

> Then I was wondering: Are there other (unrelated) changes in BBDB's
> internal format of storing records that would be desirable?  Here I
> thought of the two xfields creation-date and timestamp.

No idea about that one.


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