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> On Sat Jan 21 2017 Gijs Hillenius wrote:
>> When I create a new record M-x bbdb-create, I'm asked "name", and
>> then "organizations" (with s). I enter a name (test) but not an
>> organization, and answer the rest of the questions.
>> Once this record is created, I can visit it, and in the
>> bbbd-buffer i (insert) a field: one of the options is
>> "organization" (without s). Once that is created, I can edit it,
>> but now the field is known as "organizations" (with s). I see this
>> is defined in bbdb-com.el
> The `organization' slot in a BBDB record is a hybrid like `mail' and
> `aka'.  You edit it as one field.  But before it is stored it is
> broken up into a list of elements using bbdb-separator-alist.  This
> list is then stored in the `organization' slot of the BBDB record.
> Would you suggest to change something related to this?

Thanks for the reply!

No - I like that the software provides the correct syntact with &
without s, depending on where it is invoked. It confused me yesterday -
but I was not entirely awake. In fact, I now think I *did* hose my bbdb
somehow, as cycling through email adresses is no longer working. I'll be
debugging this now..

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