On Thu Mar 2 2017 Greg Bognar wrote:
> Hi, I'm trying to use BBDB with Wanderlust.  I installed the
> latest melpa version (20170129.2224), but couldn't get it to work.
> I noticed that the README at https://github.com/dmj/bbdbv3 says
> BBDB must be built with
> `--with-wl-dir=DIR' specifies the path where Wanderlust can be found.
>      Without this option the resulting BBDB build does not support WL.
> Could this be the problem?  I don't think the melpa version does this.
> Does the melpa version work with WL?  And if it does, are there any specific
> instructions I could follow?  Thanks!

When you install BBDB from the tar ball, you need the above
configure option.  But if you got BBDB from melpa, there is no tar
ball and the configure option should not be needed either.  So I
expect that your problem is something else and I am wondering:

Have you followed the instructions in the README file how to
configure BBDB in your .emacs?

Then, what are you expecting to get and what are you getting

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