> With lexical binding bbdb-print-record makes a void variable error
> on address variable.

As I told you before, I really didn't like the old / outdated code
used in bbdb-print.el, and I didn't want to invest in it anymore.

So I created a branch latex in the BBDB repository on savannah that
is really a re-write of bbdb-print.el, based on the idea that
nowadays LaTeX is the better way to go than plain tex.

To avoid confusion, I renamed the file to bbdb-tex.el.

I put all this into a branch because I am open for comments and
suggestions.  Also, there might be bugs I have overlooked.

The basic idea underlying bbdb-tex.el is described in the commentary
section of this file:

;; Generally, lisp customizations in bbdb-tex are intended to provide control
;; of what appears in the TeX listing.  But there are no lisp customization
;; options to control the actual layout that should be handled by LaTeX.
;; BBDB is shipped with one basic LaTeX style file bbdb.sty to handle
;; the TeX macros listed above.  You should customize this LaTeX style file
;; to match your taste and / or your needs.  Note also that `bbdb-tex-alist'
;; allows you to specify an arbitrary number of rules that may use different
;; style files for the above TeX macros.

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