1) With the original project file not open, make a copy of it in the Finder.

2) Ctrl-click on the project file in the Finder and select "Show Package 

3) Open the file you see named "project.bbprojectdata" in BBedit.

4) Do a replace all for "/Volumes/LSMnowStaging" with 

5) Close and save the project.bbprojectdata file.

Now if you open the copied project file, you should be all set.

On Monday, August 7, 2017 at 4:28:07 PM UTC-4, Really Randy wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a BBedit project with about 60 files in 60 different folders on a 
> test environment. I'd like to create a copy of this project on a Production 
> environment with the same files just a different server name. Is there a 
> way to edit part of a path for these files to point at the production 
> server instead of the test server?
> ex.
> I would like to change
> /Volumes/LSMnowStaging/LSMNow.Web/output/templates/06f1b734-0da8-4898-9218-8e51dd86d0a7/config.xml
> to
> /Volumes/LSMnowProduction/LSMNow.Web/output/templates/06f1b734-0da8-4898-9218-8e51dd86d0a7/config.xml
> and
> /Volumes/LSMnowStaging/LSMNow.Web/output/templates/422a2893-c3c5-494b-a73a-9f72d24e0144/config.xml
> to
> /Volumes/LSMnowProduction/LSMNow.Web/output/templates/422a2893-c3c5-494b-a73a-9f72d24e0144/config.xml
> There are 60 files all named "config.xml" in this project, too many to 
> drag into a new project. I just need to change where it says "Staging" in 
> the path to "Production".
> Thanks!

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