Broadly speaking, BBEdit doesn't color quite as extravagantly as Atom. This 
is out-of-the-box BBEdit Dark, showing a piece of Python:


def is a language keyword, as is the decorator; and the single string is 
colored. However BBEdit doesn't know anything about Python _per se_ so it 
doesn't know that show() is a function name, or list_of_items is a 
variable. So they're just regular text.

That said: if you do 'bbedit --maketags' on the command line, you get a 
ctags file created, and now it looks like this:


Which is closer to what you probably want. I don't like ctags coloring most 
of the time, I think it over-does it on detecting symbols:

But to each their own.

Hope that helps,

On Thursday, February 8, 2018 at 9:05:25 AM UTC-5, Kory Goold wrote:
> Sorry if this is a repeat post. I've used BBEdit for years, and love it.
> I'm teaching myself Python, and the font colors for functions as well as 
> variables are not only set as the same color (regardless of how I adjust 
> them in preference), and they're the same color as whatever I set as the 
> plain text setting.
> Is there a way to separate colors for each of these, i.e. one for 
> functions, one for variables, and another for plain text? I had been using 
> the Atom editor, and it got separated nicely. I recently upgraded to v 12 
> (from 9.x), and was hoping to keep the color scheme I was using with Atom 
> (or at least close to it).
> Thanks!

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