finally BBEdit is 64 bit application I was able to test scripting with java 

and I found few problems

the most important problem that I can’t get value of any of BBEdit environment 


function run(argv) {
         var app = Application.currentApplication()
         app.includeStandardAdditions = true
         var docPath = ObjC.unwrap(
         var dialogText = "BB_DOC_PATH " + (docPath)

        try {
           var str = $.getenv('BB_DOC_NAME');
        } catch (err) {
         var dialogText = "BB_DOC_NAME  Exception " + (err.message)


first return undefined object
second throw exception:

        "BB_DOC_NAME  Exception exception raised by object: *** +[NSString 
stringWithUTF8String:]: NULL cString")

        var sa = app.systemAttribute();
returns only following values


for every value from the list both methods return meaningful values, that mean 
all bbedit’s variables aren’t exposed

also output of console.log: console.log(‘hello’) is nowhere to be seen

also I can’t find any traces of output of

$.printf('%s %s %s', 'JavaScript', 'for', 'Automation’)

thanks in advance


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