Good morning folks,

We're currently working on another maintenance update to BBEdit 12 to address a few recently reported issues.

Note that this is a _pre-release_ version. The intent is to fix bugs and address areas of improvement based on what our customers have reported. However, since the software is at this point not fully tested, there _may_ be bugs and regressions.

If this prospect makes you nervous, then sticking with the public release versions is your best course of action. Nobody will be offended if you choose to do so; you're under no obligation to install and use anything but a public release. :-)

Complete change notes to date for all the pre-release builds in this cycle are available here:


The change notes are organized into additions, changes, and fixes, and are annotated where appropriate with case numbers. So if you recognize a number corresponding to a support case that was opened for you, you can now verify that it's been fixed correctly. Please take the time to review the changes before using the new build -- it'll be worth your time.

One final note: If you run into a bug in a pre-release version, PLEASE DO NOT REPORT THE BUG TO THE LIST. This includes asking about whether others have seen the same problem. Instead, please send a bug report to <> and we will deal with it there. This will help us keep the list discussion on topic and productive for all list members.

Here is the list of changes made since previous pre-release build:


version 12.1.2 (410039) (2018-02-22)


o   (none in this build)


o   (none in this build)


*   [352944] Fixed hang which would occur while typing a key/value
    pair at the end of a JSON file.

*   [352948] Made a change to reduce the chance of the progress
    dialog appearing during SFTP server connection and thus slowing
    the process down.

*   [352914] When doing an interactive "Process Lines Containing",
    BBEdit will now beep if no matches are found. If the application
is in the background when the operation completes, it will post a
    notification with the number of results found.

*   [352966] If somehow empty bounds get stored for a default window
    position, the application will now ignore them instead of trying
    to set the window to nonsense bounds.

*   [352977] Fixed regression in which the legacy HTML scripting
    verbs for tag access ("`find tag`" and others) stopped working.

*   [346999, 350904, 352999] Fixed crash which would occur when
    trying to report errors in certain conditions.


The package can be downloaded from our web server:




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