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> On Feb 22, 2018, at 1:03 PM, Donna McMaster <> wrote:
> Last week installed BBEdit on a new Mac running 10.13.3. A few days later it 
> crashed, and afterwards the text on the screen was invisible. I spent almost 
> an hour searching for answers and trying to fix it. Wrote to Tech Support and 
> they had a simple fix. Figured I'd post the details here so that if someone 
> else runs into it, they may get back up quicker. 
> Here's the response I got from Tech Support with the solution: 
> Thanks for writing in. The symptom you encountered is the result of a bug in 
> the OS. To restore normal operation, please open a Terminal window and run 
> the following command:
>    atsutil server -shutdown
> This should restore normal operation the next time you start BBEdit; but if 
> it does not please let us know.
> And here are the details of the problem, in my message to BBEdit Support: 
> I’ve been using BBEdit since the 90s and just bought a new Mac running 
> 10.13.3. I downloaded and installed BBEdit 12.1.1 a few days ago and used it 
> while setting up my local dev environment. The only thing I customized was to 
> set the color scheme to the light one. Everything was fine.
> Today I opened BBEdit to view a text file that I had created in BBEdit on my 
> old machine. It’s a small file with settings from a Chrome extension. See 
> attached file “speed dial fvd export.txt.” BBEdit crashed. I’ve attached the 
> log file.
> When I reopened BBEdit, I was able to view the “speed dial fvd export.txt” 
> file, but the text was invisible; it was evidently the same color as the 
> background. I verified that the text was there; I was able to select it and 
> paste it into a browser form input box.
> I tried changing to a different color scheme, editing the text color, opening 
> different files, resetting everything to factory defaults, restarting BBEdit 
> several times, but nothing worked. The text is invisible on every background 
> for every file.
> I also tried deleting the BBEdit app and two folders in /Users/me/Library: 
> BBEdit and Application Support/BBEdit. I couldn’t find any more preferences 
> files but evidently there is something hidden somewhere, because a fresh 
> install of BBEdit has the same problem.

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