I think I have the same question. Specifically, in CSS (editing a .css 
file), the declaration used to be colored but isn't anymore now that I've 
upgraded to v.12.

.classname {
  background: #000000;

Right now, .classname is black and #000000 is colored as expected, but 
"background" is also black and shouldn't be.

In the preferences there appears to only be a color choice for "Color 

What's weird, is that if I start typing, for example:


it is colored as I would expect (greenish), but as soon as I type the ":" 
(which is necessary) the word turns back to black. I'm using the BBEdit 
Light color scheme.


On Saturday, February 10, 2018 at 3:10:37 PM UTC-8, Robert wrote:
> How do I make words the end in a colon colorized? 
> Example:
> emailAddress nullable: true, email: true, unique: true
>                              ^                  ^                   ^
>                              ^                  ^                   
> colorized
>                              ^                  colorized
>                              ^
>                              colorized
> Thanks,
> Bob

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