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defaults write com.barebones.bbedit ProjectsListCanAcquireKeyboardFocus -bool 

Patrick, thank you. Now I have to struggle with whether I actually like this or not. Because the Project sidebar is instant-activation, by which I mean, it opens the file as soon as it's highlighted. So if I want to arrow down 10 files to open the 10th, I wind up opening 1–10. On first experiment, I opened 30 files in 1.5 seconds, unintentionally. ("This is why it's not enabled by default behavior", Patrick thinks to himself.)

However, playing with this in the Currently open documents pane, that I've liked a lot.

Apropos of when BBEdit opens files, there is an accessory pref as follows:



* Project windows will ordinarily open an item in the file list for editing when you click on it and the editing view is visible. To
    require a double-click:

    [ please issue the following Terminal command ]

defaults write com.barebones.bbedit ProjectsOpenItemsOnSingleClick -bool NO


so you may wish to apply it as well. :-)


Thank you, Chris! This one is completely new to me.

FWIW you can use these key shortcuts to switch between panes within a window in (nearly) every Mac application.


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