This isn't a direct answer to your question, but is how I gain sanity in
these regards:

I use the Windows palette, and close/reopen it was needed.

>From the Window menu, choose Palettes -> Windows

It will list all open windows in alphabetical order, then add new ones to
the bottom.

This is perfect, for me, and when I have too much crap at the bottom, I
close windows I don't need anymore, then might close & re-open the pallet
itself if I want everything re-ordered.

Based on what I see in the dock menu, I'm not at all sure BBEdit has
control over the first section, but the rest seem to be in alpha order, for
me (BBEdit 12.1.2)

Hope this is useful.

On Sat, Mar 10, 2018 at 4:30 PM, Bill Kochman <>

> Hello,
> When I click on the BBEdit app icon in the Dock to reveal the list of open
> docs, is there a way to force the items shown to always be listed
> alphabetically?
> I usually have about three dozen BBEdit docs open and minimized in the
> Dock at any one time, so having their titles all mixed up is rather
> confusing.
> I tried adding prefixes to some of the file names, but that didn't totally
> resolve the problem.
> I used the search engine in the Google Groups BBEdit Talk group, but it
> showed zero results for my question, no matter how I phrased it.
> Is there perhaps a Terminal command which will force BBEdit to do what I
> want?
> BTW, I am using BBEdit 11.6.8 on a nine year old 24" iMac with El Capitan.
> Thanks, and kind regards,
> Bill Kochman

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