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> Are you talking about the chrome add-on? We cant do this due to HIPAA (they 
> require access to all your files) 

Type Cmd-Shift-? in any application to access the Help menu's Search field.

Do this in BBEdit and then type “factory”.

This should be a first step whenever you're looking for a feature in Mac 

If you don't find it then take a minute and search the user manual.

Menu --> Help --> User Manual

A BBEdit Text Factory will probably be the easiest method for you to 
implementing a multi-find/replace action, but there are other methods available.

You'll have to learn a little bit but not a lot.

Search the user manual for “Text Factory”, and try searching BBEdit-Talk as 

On 04/10/2018, at 15:06, Mike W <ymwie...@gmail.com 
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> I've never used Scrip editor. the "↵" symbol i put in, I actually need it to 
> "move to next line" in BBEdit I just do "command + enter" what do i put in 
> the Script to move to next line? 
> I would much rather use Grep but I'm not sure I know how to create what 
> you're describing. when i select Find Replace i only see the option for 1 
> search and only a Grep check box. No option to Start at top or do multiple at 
> same time

That's Script Editor.app, and it's the AppleScript/JXA editor provided with the 
macOS.  (Use Spotlight to find it.)

I'd rather use AppleScript than a Text Factory any day, but then again I'm very 
familiar with it.

** Note that Fletcher's script below is not using RegEx (although it's possible 
to do so).


tell application "BBEdit"
    replace "~NM1*87*2~N3*" using "↵ BILLING ADDRESS: " searching in text 1 of 
front text document options {starting at top:true}
    replace "~DMG*D8*" using "↵ SUB DOB: " searching in text 1 of front text 
document options {starting at top:true}
    replace "~~NM1*82*1*" using "↵ PROVIDER NAME: " searching in text 1 of 
front text document options {starting at top:true}
end tell


On 04/10/2018, at 13:39, Mike W <ymwie...@gmail.com 
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> Is there a search pattern that would be able to do a Multiple Find and 
> Replace at once?
> I have a large file and dozens of items that need to be replaced.
> Here are some examples: 
> find: "~NM1*87*2~N3*" and replace with "↵ BILLING ADDRESS: "
> find: "~DMG*D8*" and replace with "↵ SUB DOB: "
> find: "~~NM1*82*1*" and replace with "↵ PROVIDER NAME:  "

Are these regular expressions or literal strings?

For a huge mess of find/replace actions I personally would turn to Perl, 
because it's easy to write, read, and maintain.

#!/usr/bin/env perl -sw

while (<>) {

        s!~~NM1\*82\*1\*!\n PROVIDER NAME:!g;

        s!~DMG\*D8\*!\n SUB DOB:!g;

        s!~NM1\*87\*2~N3\*!\n BILLING ADDRESS:!g;


This would be used in a Text Filter as opposed to a Text Factory.

Each of the lines beginning with s! is a find/replace action, and the basic 
structure is this:

s!<search_pattern>!<replace_pattern>!g; <-- Global switch - try more than 1 
replacement per line.

Not knowing if your strings are literal or not I've escaped the possible 
regular expression tokens.

BBEdit text-filters operate on the selection if there is one, otherwise they 
operate on the whole front document.

Text filters are installed here:

~/Library/Application Support/BBEdit/Text Filters/

Text filters are run from:

BBEdit Menu Bar > Text > Apply Text Filter > <your_filter>

And of course you can give them keyboard shortcuts in BBEdit's Menus & 
Shortcuts preferences.


Someone else mentioned the new Canonize command.  It lets you assign a bunch of 
literal text replacements in a file and then apply them to the front document.  
(See page 127 of the user manual.)

This might just be easier than a Text Factory (for literal replacements).

Now you probably have more choices than you wanted.

Hang in there and learn something new.  😎

Best Regards,

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