Thank you all for helping with such a simple request.
However, I realize now that I didn't even word my request accurately.
I understand that for BBEdit, a "line" is everything up until the next 
"line break"

What I need is to search for SENTENCES, not LINES.

I managed to figure out that the following would give me everything that 
had "from" followed by a capital letter, with a period followed by a space 
at the end:

from [A-Z][a-zA-Z].*[\. ]

But that also gives me all the sentences in the line which preceded the one 
I need!

How would I strip out all the sentences that precede the one I need?

(BTW I understand that GREP is literal, and without an even fancier search 
won't be able to distinguish between a period in "Mr. Whitney" and "Mount 
Whitney is covered in snow.", but I'm willing to live with that.)

I did look in the manual but still couldn't figure this out.

Thank you,

On Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at 7:46:19 AM UTC-7, Patrick Woolsey wrote:
> Please try this: 
> from [A-Z][a-zA-Z]+ 
> with both the "Case sensitive" and "Grep" options enabled. 
> ...
> As to grep references, I suggest you start with Chapter 8 
> "Searching with Grep" of the included PDF manual (available at 
> any time via Help -> User Manual) and work from there. 

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